About Us


Better Selection. Better Value. Naturally.

Our Beliefs…

We are firm believers in the ability of touch to heal the body naturally. This basic concept motivates us to assist therapeutic massage’s collective growth and, more particularly, to support each Massage Therapist’s unique healing efforts.

Our Objectives…

At Responseli Massage Accessories, we want everyone to feel at ease. We sincerely wish your time with us to be both enjoyable and enlightening. We are committed to assisting you in making informed judgments about our products so that you are completely satisfied with your purchase. Our first responsibility is to supply high-quality products that we endorse and that you can rely on. We adore happy customers, and there’s no better way to start than ensuring that you’ll get wonderful products from us.

Our Performance…

Responseli understands massage. Massage Therapists have come to trust and rely on us over the last eight years. We provide quick delivery of high-quality massage items at reasonable pricing. 


Ray Shepard | CEO – Responseli Massage Accessories